Green Foot Mama

Green Foot Mama was create by a New South Wales mother and naturopath, Lisa, who wanted to find natural, pure and organic products for her daughter’s skin sensitivities. After discovering how harmful many of the brands we know and “trust” are, she used her background as a whole foods chef and alternative therapies practitioner to create her own range we can all have faith in. 

Green Foot Mama organic moisturising balms are so natural, they are almost edible, and are safe and suitable for all ages and skin types.

All products are made using certified organic, fair trade and natural ingredients, are free of nasty chemicals, and made by human hands using minimal processing.  The products also provide the energetic benefits of Australian Native botanicals for an holistic approach to body care.

All of their supplies and ingredients are ACO, Eco-cert or Fair Trade certified. Green Foot Mama works directly with producing families so that from soil to shelf they can guarantee ethical, sustainable and responsible practices. Even the jars are made from 100% recycled PET plastic and use 30% less energy to recycle (although its easy to find ways to reuse them too) and the processes used have been developed so that they are ‘no-waste’.

All products meet NICNAS standards and our Organic Sun Balm is ISO 24443 and ISO 24444 compliant.  They have been independently SPF tested and registered accordingly.

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to offer you quality products that can be trusted.  By choosing Green Foot Mama, you become part of a worldwide movement treading a path towards earth-positive change – ethical, sustainable and cruelty free.