Single Soft Cover Nappy Sets


Our new soft cover nappies include a cover made from recycled post-consumer polyester (made from ocean-bound plastic bottles), featuring a soft lining and a water-resistant outer with artwork designed by Australian artists.

One-Size-Fits-Most minimalist nappy system is suitable for weight ranges between 4kg up to 20kg.


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Our designer cloth nappies are stylish, simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Our new Single Soft Cover Nappy Sets include:

A cover made from recycled post-consumer polyester (made from ocean-bound plastic bottles), featuring a soft lining and a water-resistant outer with artwork designed by Australian artists.

A snap-in cloth nappy insert that contains 4 layers of absorbent fabric with double-layered side gusseting around the thigh contour for maximum anti-leak protection. Available in hemp.

A bamboo cloth nappy booster pad with 3 layers of bamboo cotton and a quick-dry microfleece top layer, contoured to provide an optimal fit.

Available in Newborn and One Size.

Each collection includes:
1 x Soft Covers
1 x Inserts
1 x Boosters


Cloth Nappy Soft Cover – One Size
Designed as a ‘One Size Fits Most’ option for babies and toddlers between 4-18kg.

32.5cm length x 35cm width (unsnapped, flat)

32cm length x 15.5cm width

32cm length x 14cm width

How many modern cloth nappies will I need?

This depends on:

  • The frequency parents wish to wash (recommended is every 1-2 days)
  • Whether choosing to use exclusively full-time from birth to toddler, or part-time/on regular rotation with other products.
  • The below is an indication of amount recommended for exclusive and full-time use of our range from birth to toddler training (lifespan for 2+ years):
    OSFM Full-time: (Average change 2-3 hours)

    • 9-12 Shells (shells are easily wiped down between changes)
    • 27 Inserts
    • 9 Boosters (Heavy wetters, day naps and overnight use per day/night cycle).


Cloth Nappy Soft Cover – Hemp

Cover Outer
90% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester + 10% Polyurethane Laminate

Cover Lining
100% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester

61.2% Organic Cotton, 38.8% Hemp

70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton + Microfleece Top Layer 100% Polyester

Modern Cloth Nappy Washing Instructions:

Machine wash – 40-60 degrees max. Do not tumble dry, line dry in shade.

Boosters and Inserts
Machine wash – 40-60 degrees max. Line dry or tumble dry.

See below for further information.

    1. Urine: Place Lightly Urinated Items Into A Dry Pail.* (See Below For Details)
    2. Faeces: Shake Waste Off The Insert Into ToiletUse Toilet Paper To Scrape Off Solids And FlushUse A Toilet Spray Attachment To Spray Solids Into The Toilet.
    3. Recommended Optional Extra: (Newborn Poo/Teething Babies/Acidic Urine) Briefly Hand Rinse Soiled Insert Under Laundry Tap To Remove Any Excess Waste. Squeeze Excess Water Out, Then Place In The Dry Pail Until Ready To Wash.
    4. Reusable/Disposable Liners: Remove The Waste From Liner By Shaking Waste Into Toilet- Place Disposing Liner In Your Garbage Or Reusable Liner In Dry Pail Until Wash Day. Do Not Flush Liners As They Are A Hazard To The Environment And Plumbing.
    5. Washing Day: Unsnap All Items (Fasten Together Velcro Tabs Where Used). Unload Shells, Inserts And Booster Into Washing Machine As They Can Be Washed Together.
    6. Rinse Cycle: (Cold/Warm/Max. 30 Degrees) This Removes Excess Soiling Prior To Main Wash (Detergent Optional Or Max. 1/2 Recommended Dosage For Your Machine Size). Best To Use A Rinse Cycle That Removes The Dirty Water.
    7. Long Heavy Cycle: (Choose Longest Option) (Cold/ Warm/Max 30-60 Degrees). Use Half/ Full Recommended Dosage Of Detergent For Your Load Size. Use Double Dosage If Choosing To Use An Eco/Plant Based Washing Detergent.
    8. Recommended: Add General Household Laundry To This Phase Of The Wash If Not Washing Enough Nappies To Fill 2/3 Of The Machine When Wet. It Will Decrease Dramatic Spin On Nappy Shells.
    9. Drying Inserts/Boosters: Drying In Direct Sunlight Or Air Dry Is Recommended, And Will Aid In Naturally Bleaching Any Stains. Tumble-Dry On Lowest/Delicate Setting Only. No Fabric Softener.
    10. Drying Shells: Shade Dry Only With Patterned Side Facing Upwards. Do Not Tumble-Dry Or Dry In Direct Sunlight Any Products Containing PUL As This Can Damage And Will Void Your Warranty.

*Dry-Pail: Open-Lid Storage Container Such As A Bucket Or Plastic Laundry Bucket Until Ready To Wash. It Is Termed “Dry-Pailing” As We No Longer Have To Soak Modern Cloth Nappies Like Traditional Cloth Nappies. Lots Of Air Flow Is Recommended While Waiting Until Laundry Day, So Opting For A Basket With Hole In The Sides Are Ideal.

  • Industry standards recommend avoiding highly perfumed or acidic detergents containing citrus or phosphates.
  • Do not use any detergents containing fabric softeners, optical brighteners or chlorine bleach as these can break down natural fibers or can leave residue on the insert and reduce absorption. Using these products will void your warranty.
  • Do not use nappy balms or creams containing zinc or petroleum unless using a reusable/disposable liner, as these balms will result in residue sticking to the inserts and will reduce absorption.
  • Long term use of higher temperatures on PUL can decrease lifespan and will void your warranty.
  • Line hanging: Avoid too much stress on the leg elastics when drying the shell. Recommended is draping the nappy shell horizontally over the line.

Pre-washing Instructions:

  • Inserts consisting of natural fibers, such as Hemp/bamboo/cotton, require pre-washing before use, to increase absorbency and allow the fibres to release any natural oils. minimum 4-6 washes.
  • PRE-WASHING: Simply wash inserts in a normal cycle 3 – 5 times Cold-Warm or Max 60 degrees. (Detergent needed for first cycle only). Don’t dry in between washes. Once washed, remove from machine and stretch all inserts to maximum shape- pulling out ends and pulling out gusset flaps. Allow to completely dry before ready for use.
  • Slight shrinkage with the natural fibre inserts may occur, however they will shrink to correct length needed for the shell snap sockets. Once washed, remove inserts from machine and stretch all inserts to maximum shape- pulling out ends and pulling out gusset flaps. To avoid excess shrinkage, avoid tumble drying unless for a final dry on lowest setting and low spin.

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