Our Story

So you may have just stumbled across our website or be one of our social media followers who have followed our journey from the beginning and liked what you have seen or connected with what we believe in.

I thought I would let you know what we are all about, giving you a bit of insight into how we became ‘Toddler Baby Co’.

At the helm of the business is me, Cheryl – I’ve either tried and tested the brands on my own child (who has to love it or we don’t sell it) or simply fallen in love with what they stand for. My lovely husband is all the support I need, providing motivation and a kick in the pants from time to time. We have one very busy toddler boy who keeps us on our toes, the smiles on our faces and the love in our hearts.

We have been wanting to start up a business like this for some time, but work and life commitments have always taken over, so I took the leap. I quit my job and decided to take a sabbatical, not only to work on the new business, but to work on me.

We first came across Attipas when we were buying our son’s first pair of shoes. As you know most baby shoes are rigid, hard and your child is guaranteed to kick them off shortly after you’ve put them on. I wanted something that would be good for his development and comfortable. So after doing some research, I found Attipas, designed for developing feet and podiatrist approved. At first I thought they were a bit funny looking, but cute, but the real winner was the fact that they were so easy to put on like a sock and my son kept them on. He still asks me to put his shoes on and I have to convince him he doesn’t need to wear his shoes to bed.

Everywhere we went people would ask about his shoes, so the opportunity presented itself and here we are.

We’re just as fussy with clothes and they have to be good quality, durable, look after our little ones and the environment they live in and also look super cute!

That’s why we’ve started with 4 brands Attipas, Petit Bamboo, Bare + Boho and Greet Foot Mama.

So have a browse and shop to your hearts content.

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